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Aunt Martha

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The Town Of Carmanville Has Issued A

Boil Water Advisory For Carmanville

As Of Sunday, March 20th, 2016


This Boil Water Advisory has been issued as

The Water Distribution System is undergoing maintenance or repairs.


Notice of the Lifting of this Advisory will be announced on the town website: and notices will be posted in local businesses.

Consumers are advised to bring water that you might ingest to a Rigorous Rolling Boil for one (1) minute.


For example, boil water used for: 

            - drinking                                   

            - brushing teeth                          

            - making ice                             

            - making juice from concentrate & powders 

            - making infant formula and cereal 

- cooking 

            - washing fruits & vegetables 

            - making coffee/tea & other hot drinks


For further information about the Boil Water Advisory, please call: 

            Town Office                           534-2814 

            Government Service Center   256-1420


Dianne Goodyear

Town Clerk/Manager







The Town Office will be closed on Monday, March 14th, 2016 as it is a Statutory Holiday

(St. Patrick’s Day)

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Dianne Goodyear 

Town Clerk/Manager





2016 Rink Schedule


Rink Schedule is currently being revised


For insurance and liability reasons, Hockey pucks cannot be used on the rink when there is any public skating scheduled.  A new schedule should be available soon.  Thank you for your patience.







Newsletter re: 2016 Budget


With the substantial average increase of 63.7% in Residential Property Assessments for 2016 and a much lower average increase of 10% in Commercial Property Assessments, setting the mil rates and minimum taxes to balance the budget with tax increases reasonable and affecting all residents as fairly as possible has been quite the challenge.


In addition to balancing this year’s budget the town must maintain its own source revenue in order to qualify for the Municipal Operating Grant of $97,741 annually provided by the government and a new Provincial Gas Tax Revenue of $13,838 which is the 2016 allocation by the Provincial Government if and only if the town meets the following criteria. “ In any given year, if the per capita own-source revenue is less than the benchmark, the annual Gas Tax Revenue allocation for that year is forfeited and funds cannot be carried over from one fiscal year to the next. Funds for the Municipal Operating Grant will not be accessible for the current year but can be assessed in a future year, once the benchmark is attained.” This means that the town’s own generated revenue for 2016 and each year thereafter cannot fall below the 2015 town generated revenue as that is the benchmark the government has chosen. The town also receives Gas Tax Funding from the Federal Government in the amount of $38,686 for 2016. There are criteria to be met in order to receive this funding as well. Council and Administration annual training is one of the requirements to receive the Federal Gas Tax Funding.


All of the funding provided annually by the Federal and Provincial Governments is crucial to allow us to maintain and replace aging infrastructure and invest in priority areas for our community while maintaining and improving our service delivery and it allows us to keep your taxes at a reasonable rate. Many of the town’s waterlines are obsolete and will be replaced with the installation of new sewer lines with the new water and sewer project.


The role of council is to provide services to our residents at the lowest tax rate that can sustain our community and prepare for its future needs. This council has always had the town’s best interest at heart and will continue to serve this community to the best of its ability. Your council along with the town manager are responsible to prepare a balanced annual budget adhering to all requirements by government.


This council has always and will always only tax what the town needs to balance the budget and meet the government requirements to receive the above funding. The 2016 Budget has been adopted and the changes are as follows: the residential property mil rate has been dropped to 5.75; the commercial property mil rate will remain at 8.25 as there was minimal assessment increase to commercial property. To be fair to residents paying above the minimum, the minimum property tax and poll tax have been increased to $325.00 annually. This gives an average increase of $50.00 annually to all taxpayers. There will still be some residents with a higher increase in their property tax but nowhere near what it would have been at the previous mil rate. This is the only option to produce a balanced budget without the town’s own-source revenue being less than the previous year which would forfeit the provincial share of funding for 2016. All other taxes and fees will remain the same. The town’s debt service ratio for 2016 is 11%. The 2016 tax and fee structure is copied on the back of this newsletter.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you

A Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy











Tax & Fee Structure 2016



Pursuant to Section 109 (1) of the Municipalities Act M-24, the following taxes and fee structure is effective as of January 1, 2016 in the Town of Carmanville, as adopted by Council on

December 19th, 2015



Residential Property Tax                 5.75 mil rate

Commercial Property Tax               8.25 mil rate

Minimum Property Tax                      $ 325.00 per year

Minimum Tax – Vacant Land            $30.00 per year

Poll Tax                                              $ 325.00 per year

Water and Sewer Tax                         $ 372.00 per year

Water Tax                                           $ 300.00 per year

Water and Sewer Tax                         $31.00 per month

Water Tax only                                   $25.00 per month

Water Tax - School                             $2700.00 per year


Business Tax Rates

Minimum Business Tax                      $300.00 per year

Beauty Salon                                       36 mils

Fabric & Craft Shops                          12 mils

Funeral Home                                     20 mils

Garage, Take Out Plus                        25 mils

Garage Only                                        Minimum

Grocery                                               20 mils

Groceries Plus                                     24 mils

Hardware                                            20 mils

Hardware Plus                                    24 mils

Lounge                                                11.5 mils

Senior Citizens Home                         3.5 mils

Gas Bar & Restaurant                         25 mils

Credit Union                                       18 mils

Restaurant Only                                  Minimum

Fish Marketers                                    25 mils

Taxi Service                                        Minimum

Utilities                                               2.5 % of Gross Revenue


Building Permits

New Construction                               $25.00

General Repairs                                  $10.00

Commercial                                        $50.00

Commercial General Repairs             $25.00



Loader Hire                                         $60.00 per hour

Tax Certificate                                    $50.00




Dianne Goodyear

Town Clerk/Manager








Town Office Hours during Christmas 2015



Thursday, Dec. 24 – Closed at Noon

Friday, Dec. 25 – Closed


Monday, Dec. 28 – Closed

Tuesday, Dec. 29 – Open 8:30 – 4:30

Wednesday, Dec. 30 – Open 8:30 – 4:30

Thursday, Dec. 31 – Closed at Noon

Friday, January 1 – Closed


Returning to normal Office Hours on Monday, January 3rd, 2016.


Merry Christmas


Happy New Year








2015 Christmas Tree Lighting









Recreation Committee Children’s Christmas Party










The Carmanville Habitat Committee is inviting local craftspeople to supply their craft shop, located within the Interpretation Centre, with homemade crafts for the upcoming 2015 tourist season. Interested persons are asked to please contact Dianne Goodyear at the Town Office (534-2814) or Linda Bailet (534-2287)









50/50 Escalating Ticket Draw



The 50/50 Escalating Ticket Draw that was previously held at Davis Clover Farm on behalf of the Carmanville Habitat Committee will now be sold at G & M Services. Ticket Lottery License # is 14-10032600LT.


All persons who previously purchased a ticket will keep the same number you were originally assigned. Your ticket stubs have been kept in the box and your name is assigned to the corresponding number. If you have lost/misplaced your ticket stub and don’t know your number, you can call the town office at 534-2814.


Any new person who purchases a ticket will be entered into the current weekly draw. You will receive a ticket stub with your number on it and the ticket part with your name and corresponding number will be placed in the box for the weekly draws. Your name will be recorded next to that number in the binder and as you pay the $2.00 weekly the ticket sale will be recorded in this book.


If your number is drawn and you paid for the week of the draw, you will receive 50% of the ticket sales for that particular week or 50 % of the total escalated amount. If your number is drawn and you did not pay for the week of the draw, the money is not paid out and will escalate weekly until a number is drawn that has paid for the week of the draw.


The Carmanville Habitat Committee will receive the other 50% of the ticket sales. Quarterly they will donate 10% of their share alternating between the Carmanville Recreation Committee and the Carmanville Fire Department.


Ticket draws will be held every Monday Morning and will cover the period from the previous Monday Morning to Sunday Night.


Thank You For Your Support and Good Luck!