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Aunt Martha

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May 2014 Newsletter


Town of Carmanville

Clean up Week – June 2 – 6, 2014



We have designated the week of June 2 – 6, 2014 as Clean up Week.

Please adhere to the following schedule and have your materials sorted according to the schedule for pick-up:


Monday, June 2                     - Metals Only

(Stoves, Hot Water Tanks, Refrigerators, etc.)

Tuesday, June 3                     - Bulk Garbage

                                                (Chesterfield, Mattress, Furniture, etc.)

Wednesday, June 4               - Construction & Demolition

                                                (Not Shingles)

Thursday, June 5                  - General Clean-up


Friday, June 6                       - General Clean-up


Note:     Hazardous Materials such as Propane Tanks,   Oils, Paint Cans, etc. should not be included.


We are seeking 2 workers per day to clean up the ditches during this period. If you are interested, please call the office and submit your name.






Town of Carmanville

NEWSLETTER # 10 – MAY 2014

Council Meetings

Council Meetings are held every second Monday Night at 7:30 and are open to the Public. All residents are welcome to attend the Council Meetings but unless you’ve requested to be listed on the Agenda, you will not be allowed to speak at the Meeting.


If you have a topic you wish to discuss at a Council Meeting, please call the office to be added to the Agenda.


Council Minutes are posted regularly on our town website -


911 Service

The Provincial Government is working on implementing a 911 Service which will be Province wide.


For this Service to work efficiently, each house must be numbered. We are asking residents to please post your house number so that it is visible from the road.



With the approach of Summer residents are doing repairs and renovations on their houses and sheds, building new sheds, decks, etc.


Please be advised that a Permit is required before any work is started. For any new construction (including sheds, decks, gazebos, etc.) a drawing must be submitted to Council for approval prior to the commencement of the construction. Once it has been approved by Council, a permit will be issued.


Waste Management

We have designated the week of June 2nd to June 6th, 2013 as Clean up Week. At that time residents can place Bulk Garbage and Metals by the roadside for collection. We ask that you follow our scheduled Clean up plan and sort your materials as per the schedule.


Mon. June 2nd              - Metals Only

(Stoves, Hot Water Tanks, Refrigerators, etc.)

Tues. June 3rd            - Bulk Garbage

(Chesterfield, Mattress, Furniture, etc.)

Wed. June 4th            - Construction & Demolition (Not Shingles)

Thurs. June 5th         - General Clean-up

Fri. June 6th               - General Clean-up


Note:   Hazardous Materials such as Propane Tanks, Oils, Paint Cans, etc. should not be included.


We are seeking 2 workers per day to clean up the ditches during this period. If you are interested, please call the office and submit your name.


If you place your regular household garbage by the roadside prior to the scheduled pickup, it should be sorted and covered or placed in a garbage box.


Furthermore a number of households continue to accumulate junk of all sorts on their property. If you are one of the offenders, please see to it that your property is cleaned up.


Car Wrecks

It has been brought to Council’s attention that there are still a number of car wrecks through-out the community. It would be appreciated ifyou would take the initiative to have the wrecksremoved from your property and disposed of at the Transfer Site in Gander Bay.


Delinquent Accounts

In order for the Town to operate within its annual budget, we must receive the income from all Taxes in a timely manner.


Notices were sent out during the past couple of months and we have received some response.


Over the next month or so, we will be enforcing the collection of all arrears by the following means: - disconnection of water services, collection agency, seizure of property, rental seizures, wage attachments, etc.


If your account is in arrears, you should contact the office to make arrangements for payment of these arrears to avoid one of the above means of collection.


Waterline Flushing

During the next month, Waterline Flushing will be scheduled. Notices will be posted to this effect once the schedule has been determined.


Your water pressure might drop during the flushing. It is quite normal to have discoloured water at this time. If you experience this condition, run your cold water tap until it becomes clear.


Fire Department

The Fire Department held a Mother’s Day Breakfast on May 11th, 2014 at the Fire Hall. The attendance surpassed previous years and was a huge success.   Heartfelt thanks to each and every person who came out to support the Fire Department. Members would also like to thank all the sponsors of this event and will send a note of thanks to each and every one.



The Recreation Committee are hosting a Flea Market, Bake Sale and BBQ at the Municipal and Fire Department Parking Lot on June 7th, 2014.   If you have anything to donate, please call Jackie at 534-2463. Please come out and support this fundraiser towards the completion of the Rec. Center.



The Carmanville Habitat Committee has partnered with Davis Clover Farm on a 50/50 Weekly Ticket Draw. The proceeds go towards enhancement of the Interpretation Center and Trail. 10% of the Committee’s Portion of the 50/50 Draw will be shared quarterly between the Fire Department and the Recreation Committee.


On July 1st, we will have our Canada Day Celebrations at the Interpretation Center. Music, Food and Games for the children will be at the Interp. Center. Family fireworks will take place at 10:00 p.m. The Fireworks will be put off in the area behind the Rec. Center.


The Habitat Committee will be hosting a number of events throughout the summer. Notices will be posted throughout town as these events are scheduled. Please come out and participate.


Summer Student Employment

The Town, Rec Committee and Habitat Committee have received approval to hire Summer Students again this year. Notices will be posted in the next couple of weeks.


At this time we wish all residents a Safe and Happy Summer.  






2nd Just Get OUT Challenge



The Carmanville Habitat Committee would like to invite everyone to join us at the Wetland Interpretation Center at 2:00 on Saturday, May 31st as we celebrate the 2nd Just Get OUT challenge. Refreshments will be provided. Come and enjoy the great outdoors as you walk along our trails. Take part in our photo scavenger hunt. Bring along your digital camera, I-pad, or I-phone and have some fun. Prizes will be awarded.